Rustic Metal Creations Personalized Jewelry
Unique, Meaningful Gifts To Share with Family & Friends

Thank you for your business for nearly 7 years!

Our store will be closing soon & we are no longer offering customized jewelry. Please see clearance items for final stock.

All previous personalized orders are currently being processed and will ship as they are completed.

Handstamped Jewelry is a unique type of personalized jewelry where each letter is placed by hand and struck with a hammer, Handstamping differs from engraving, handstamping metal is a more forceful technique, where each individual letter, number and symbol is stamped by hand, one at a time with a hammer and steel stamp.

Each one is carefully made by hand and the entire process results in an organic artisan look and feel.

Rustic Metal Creations' designs are Always Meaningful. Simple accessories take on great meaning. Inspired by life events, and those we cherish most. You will find a large selection of different styles to choose from. Since everything is handmade, Each design will be unique to you.

Available in different metals like classic 925 Sterling Silver, non-tarnish Stainless Steel and Rustic Copper and Brass.

Popular choices for stamping include the names or birth dates of children for a mommy necklace, grandchildren names for nana or grandmother family necklaces, tree of life necklaces, memorial necklaces to remember those we have lost, or even your furry children; your pets!

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.